Step Places
29th January 2018

Cutting room tables

Located within the Cutting Room Apartment of our Cotton Square development, lie two tables of historical significance to the Ancoats Area. The old tables were used extensively by machinists and tailors within the thriving old mills to cut out the sewn cloth, and prepare the materials in readiness for distribution and selling. The Cutting Room tables are what gave the now famous Ancoats landmark Cutting Room Square its name.

Step Places are pleased to announce that we have agreed to donate these tables to Manchester City Council, for restoration and public use within the atrium building in the neighbouring Royal Mills. The tables were dismantled and restored by local refurbishment specialists James Thorpe and Sons, who are currently making their final plans in order to re-instate the tables within the atrium of Royal Mills.

Ancoats is referred to by English Heritage as “the cradle of industrialisation” and was the home of cotton production within Manchester in the 19th century. The area had fallen into a state of disrepair with the decline of the cotton industry in Manchester and subsequent decline of housing stock. In recent years the area has seen multiple wide scale regeneration programmes, which Step Places are excited to be a part of, transform the area into a desirable urban suburb family location.

These tables offer a link to Manchester’s history on a more human scale than the buildings that were left behind, you can still picture individual workers standing over the tables cutting the cloth which put Manchester on the map. We believe it is important that people are able to engage with these important artefacts from Manchester’s history for generations to come.

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