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24th April 2020

Step Places resume work on Wigan Pier’s transformation

Engineers from Step Places are tentatively back on site and work has resumed at Wigan Pier.

The pier buildings are undergoing extensive renovation as part of a major project working with The Old Courts and Wigan Council to create a new food hall, distillery, events venue and education centre. Work has also started on building eight townhouses, which are being constructed at the edge of the site.

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Development director, Gareth Smith said: “The health, safety and wellbeing of all workers on-site is of paramount importance to us.

“Government guidance currently states that outdoor construction can continue.

“As a result, we have spoken at length with our sub-contractors who have put in place a robust procedure for certain works, which will allow them to bring back small teams in line with this guidance.

“Progressing the Wigan Pier project will help to protect the income of many Wigan based workers and will help to put the town centre in a stronger position once the current pandemic passes.

“Once complete, the new Pier will be key to ensuring the regeneration of Wigan town centre, so it is important that we continue with our plans while continuously monitoring government guidelines during this public health emergency.”


As far as lockdown delays impacting on the forecast autumn opening are concerned, he added: “We would expect the project to move on slightly but without knowing the full impact of C19 it is hard to say on the opening dates but will certainly keep the public informed as things move forward.”


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