Customer Charter

As a new home buyer you will have the benefit of a ten-year structural warranty and resolution service. You have our commitment to abide by the requirements of the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

We are dedicated to providing home buyers with the highest standards of customer service. This customer charter sets out our commitments to delivering excellent customer service to you and ensuring your satisfaction during and after purchasing your new home.

We will:

1) Provide you with a copy of this customer charter upon request along with a copy of the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

2) Issue you with a copy of this customer charter and a copy of the Consumer Code for Home Builders automatically once a Reservation agreement has been signed by both parties.

3) Ensure the Consumer Code for Home Builders is always available for you to view on our website, or at and displayed in our site offices along with details on how to access further guidance.

4) Implement procedures to ensure the standards and commitments set out in this customer charter are met consistently.

5) Provide you with detailed pre-contract information to ensure you can make an informed decision before buying a property. This information will be jargon free, fair and reliable and will include:

• a written reservation agreement

• an explanation of your home owners ten-year structural warranty

• a description of any management services and charges to which you will be committed and an estimate of their costs

You will be advised to appoint your own professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities of purchasing your property and to ensure your interests are best represented.

6) Ensure our staff have received training to efficiently deal with any queries you may have. This training encompasses details of the Code, the responsibilities of staff to you, the home buyer, and what the customer charter means to the company and its directors.

7) Ensure the sales process, advertising and marketing materials are clear, truthful and fair.

8) Advise you of:

• who to contact at every stage of your purchase

• how we will deal with your questions

• any relevant choices and options you can consider

If your property is still under construction, we will provide you with:

• a brochure or plan reliably showing the layout, appearance and plot position of the property

• a list of the property’s contents; e.g. white goods, carpets, etc

• the standards to which the property is being built

9) Fully inform you of the health and safety precautions to undertake when visiting a site under construction or living on a site where building work is ongoing.

10) Provide you with a reservation agreement which clearly sets out terms of reservation as stipulated in the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

11) Explain how your contract deposits are protected and how any other pre-payments are dealt with.

12) Clearly make you aware of your cancellation rights.

13) Provide reliable information regarding the timing of construction, entry date / completion of the property. Once a completion date has been agreed we will ensure:

• transfer of ownership takes place

• function facilities and running in of the property are demonstrated to you

14) Provide an after-sales service with details of what the service includes, the point of contact and what guarantees / warranties apply to your home.

15) Inform you in writing of our complaints handling procedure and provide information of the dispute resolution arrangements operated as part of the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

16) Cooperate with appropriately qualified personal advisors you have appointed to help resolve disputes.

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