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Regeneration lies at the core of Step Places' expertise. With a strong foundation in residential and mixed-use development, we specialise in breathing new life into communities and neighbourhoods.

Our commitment to sustainability and high-quality design drives us to continuously evolve and revitalise spaces, delivering homes that enhance the living experience and promote wellbeing. We firmly believe that people are the key to our success.

Our dedicated team plays a pivotal role in planning, realising, and delivering our collective vision, while serving the communities that inhabit and frequent our homes, artisan retail and public spaces. Embracing the ethos that every individual is equally important, we are passionate about creating a lasting impact through the transformative power of regeneration.

A wall promoting regeneration of habitats


At Step Places, partnerships and collaborations are vital for our success in creating vibrant communities and neighbourhoods.

In today's collaborative world, our team seamlessly works with partners, consultants and professionals to deliver regeneration projects throughout the UK.

We share the aspirations of our public and private sector partners to generate new employment opportunities, boost the local economy and develop beautiful and inclusive environments that leave a lasting legacy.

We take great pride in collaborating with a wide range of organisations to deliver the most exciting and innovative regeneration projects in the UK.


With a wealth of experience in the industry, Step Places proudly stands as a testament to excellence in property development. Our track record and achievements serve as a distinguished accolade, setting the benchmark for future development opportunities.

We have consistently delivered outstanding projects that not only meet the needs and aspirations of communities but also exceed expectations in terms of design, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

As we continue to grow, Step Places remains committed to leading the way in shaping the future of development and delivering exceptional spaces that leave a lasting impact.

Two modern developments with a beautiful garden infront

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