Offices, events space, bars, restaurants, artisan retail and more.

Step Places goes beyond residential and mixed-use projects to deliver vibrant commercial spaces under our brand, 'The Place.'

We recognise that a truly transformative development encompasses not only housing but also a thriving business community that contributes to the fabric of a place.

Through our commercial and artisan retail aspects, we actively participate in true regeneration and placemaking.

At Step Places, we understand the importance of supporting small businesses and startups. With this in mind, we have tailored our approach to provide a helping hand to these enterprises. By offering short leases and flexible terms, we create an environment where businesses can flourish and grow. This approach not only benefits the individual businesses but also adds to the diversity and vitality of the overall development.

Under the brand 'The Place,' all commercial units within our schemes are thoughtfully designed to maximise visibility and engagement. Each unit benefits from street frontage and full-height glazed frontage, allowing businesses to showcase their offerings to the public. The distinct black and white signage, combined with an inviting 'tell your story' light box, adds a touch of uniqueness and character to the overall aesthetic, enhancing the placemaking aspect of our developments.

By targeting small businesses and startups, we actively contribute to local economic growth and job creation. We recognise the potential of these businesses and provide them with the opportunity to establish themselves within our developments. A vibrant mix of commercial and artisan retail offerings creates a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that invites both residents and visitors to explore, shop  and dine, enhancing the overall experience of the place.

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